(Solid Hyaluronic Acid Technology Platform)
Jinwoo Bio’s Core Technology, Solid Hyaluronic Acid Technology Platform (SHTP)

SAFE (No chemical)

As it’s free from toxic chemicals, harmless to the human body. It has low risk of side effects such as skin necrosis.

SIMPLE (No problem)

Eease-of-doctor’s use allows, Significantly reduce patient pain.

SOLID (No Waste)

Securing domestic and foreign patents, General Sterilization, Price Competitiveness

Furthermore, depending on the manufacturing process, it can be made in various forms (Film, Thread, Wool, fabric sheet, etc.).

Patents & Trademarks

Secured 15 domestic and 13 overseas patent rights related to SHTP, and applied for 11 more patents.
Through collaboration with patent corporations, we regularly check existing patents to prepare for future disputes.